Artist Statement

The direction of my personal and artistic development was bridged early. My approach to the painting process is an intuitive one. For me the journey is an encounter with life’s mystery and the process of making art is likewise a journey.

My belief is that art is a vehicle to transcend personal egoistic values, and reveal an important and valid internal technology.

Over three decades I have experimented with a variety of styles and processes, most of them unconventional and highly personalized.

One of the techniques I have employed throughout my career involves luminescent paint. In using the latest technologies and materials, I am able to provide a series of relative transitions within the same painted subject. When a black light is projected onto the surface, a visual transformation occurs, rendering the invisible.

The subject of my painting is juxtaposed with and influenced by the real world environment, and my personal experiences. My work with nature as a landscape designer, my interest in sculpture, environmental installations (Tantramar Symposium), and experiments in painting all come together.

The themes (see Artwork) evolve out of firsthand experiences, and are influenced by my interest in esoteric philosophy, eastern art, tai chi chuan, and Zen gardens. They stimulate my research and help me to develop a symbolic language that is present in the art.

The sojourn I have undertaken was to reveal through art that which is hidden and mysterious, yet something I feel deeply.